Contoh Presenting Headline News Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Good morning Indonesia
Welcome to Metro TV Headline News and for about 5 minutes I will accompany you with the latest news that we have found all around the world. With me, Arini Ayuning Palupi and this is the complete news.

Police in Indonesia have charged radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir with inciting terrorism, a crime that carries the death penalty for him.
Mr Ba'asyir was arrested since August in a raid linked to the discovery of a militant training camp in Aceh.
Mr Ba'asyir previously served 26 months in jail before being cleared of involvement with Jemaah Islamiah (JI), the group behind the 2002 Bali attacks.
He has been described as the spiritual leader of JI, which has links to al-Qaeda that he denies.

Contoh Presenting Headline News Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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To know about the further information, I have a teleconference with my partner who will report about this problem.

Host                  :        Is there any information about Abu Bakar Ba’asyir?
Partner             :        okay. Under Indonesian law, police pass a dossier containing the results of their investigation to prosecutors, who decide whether to go to trial. The dossier had been returned to police for further investigation.
Host                  :         What did the prosecutors say then?
Partner          :      Prosecutors said Abu Bakar Ba'asyir faced multiple charges under terrorism legislation. South Jakarta prosecutors' office chief Mohammed Yusuf said that the hardest allegation was that he incited others to commit crimes of terrorism, which carries the death penalty.
Host                 :          Then what about Mr. Ba’asyir’s lawyer? Is there any objections?
Partner             :          His lawyer said that he denied the charges and blamed "foreign interference".
Host                 :          Okay dwi. Thank for your report and you can back to work.

Well that was Metro TV Headline news. Don’t forget to watch Metro TV Headline news in the next edition and visit us on I am Arini Ayuning Paupi and all the crews of Metro TV Headline News want to say thank for watching. Have a nice day and enjoy your morning.
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