Contoh Intermediate Speaking Promoting Product Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Good morning ladies and gentleman, how are you today? Fine. First of all i will introduce my self, my name is feni aryanti. I’m a sales promotion from the humour stories of nasreddin.  I’m sorry for distrubing your  time, but don’t worry. I will give you the great information that the new stories of humours book was appearece. The title is naseddin, a man with thousand ideas. Did you had to read  other series of this book before? No.  Well, i will to intoduce this book,  the title of this book is nasreddin, retold by Sugeng Hariyanto. Publisher by kanisius media, cempaka street number 9, yogyakarta. This book is very good because  the stories are funny, interesting, and have moral values altogether,  Each book presents a group of short stories about Nasreddin and is completed with a vocabulary list to help you understand the meaning of the difficult words.  Beside that, this book also can be the reference for you when you are telling a story because the story in this book  is short and the language used are simple and comunicative. So, you will be enjoy when telling a story or when you read this book.  The saries of nasreddin book consist of:
Intermediate Speaking Promoting Product Dalam Bahasa Inggris
  • ·         Nasreddin, the Clever  Man.
  • ·         Nasreddin, the Foolish  Man.
  • ·         Nasreddin, the Wish Man.
  • ·         Nasreddin, the Man with Thousands of ideas.
  • ·         Nasreddin, a man who never gives up.
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And in every series of nasreddin book contents some of short stories which is appropriate with the title and there are the some picture inside whose imagine the condition about the story, so you will never bored and just enjoy the story. Therefore, don’t be long to think to buy this book, because this book is very good and interesting. Now you can have this nasreddin book only with Rp 15.000,- and if you buy all of five series of this book, i will give you discount 30%. So the price of five series nasreddin book to be Rp. 52.500,-. So imagine what intersting this book, the book is very useful but the price is not expensive. But if you have decided to buy this book in the other store or in the other day, you will never have discount and never have this book with the same price like in this stoo you are very lucky here now. Having this book same to increase your ability in story telling, increase your vocabulary, increase your knowladge ect. To get more information about this book, you can call our customer service in 0274 588783 for jabodetabek, and 0274565996 for out from jabodetabek or you can visit our enterprise website in
Finnally, i say thank you for your attention and good morning.
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